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latest fleet news

December 2015

17/12/2015 Fleet additions, 208-210 & 219

The company have purchased four further Wright Eclipse II bodied Volvo B7RLE vehicles - these were formerly with Minsterley Motors and will be given fleet numbers 208-210 & 219, registrations being DK12OWA-C & DK12OVW. 208-210 will receive branding for service 464 similar to bus 203. They were collected on 30th December 2015 from Minsterley's depot at Stipenstones, Shropshire.

Rosso 210, 209, 208 and 219 being collected at Minsterley Motors, Stiperstones

November 2015

12/11/2015 Bus 203 repainted & refurbished

Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 203 has returned to the fleet repainted in the latest Rosso livery, fully refurbished with Eclipse MkII style front, new seating, flooring and hand poles. This bus will receive new branding for "the 464" and will be operated primarily on service 464, alongside 10 similarly branded vehicles. New registration CRZ9203 is now carried.

Rossendale Transport (Rosso) 203 CRZ 9203 with a service 464 to Rochdale at Stone Fold, Haslingden.Untitled


October 2015

28/10/2015 Bus 214 repainted

Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse II 214 now has received a modified front and has been repainted in a special green version of the Rosso livery to promote the Rochdale Pioneers Museum.

Rosso 214 [PO59MLU]


26/10/2015 Olympians 27-30 sold

Volvo Olympians 27-30 passed to Tyrer of Adlington via a dealer, apparently for furture use on former Fishwicks of Leyland school services.

02/10/2015 First Gemini's enter service

The first of the ex-Arriva London Wright Eclipse Gemini bodied Volvo B7TLs have begun to enter service with 115, 116, 118, 119 and 121 entering service in October 2015.

Rossendale Transport 121 LF52UST

September 2015

06/09/2015 Bus 204 in Bus Driver of the Year

Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse Urban 204 (PO53 OBR) is being used in the national finals of the Bus Driver of the Year competition, based at the Hilton Hotel, Blackpool. 

Rossendale Transport 204 PO53OBR  Rossendale Transport 204 PO53OBR

August 2015

27/08/2015 Volvo Olympians 20 & 31 sold

Volvo Olympians 20 (S860 DGX) and 31 (R548 LGH) have been sold to a dealer, potentially for further service elsewhere. 

July 2015

24/07/2015 Volvo Olympians withdrawn for the summer

As usual, all Volvo Olympians (fleetnumbers 19-21,23-31) are delicensed for the summer school holiday period. With the introduction of Volvo B7TL's 115-124, some are unlikely to re-enter service.

01/07/2015 Bus 203 has sustained accident damage

Following sustaining front-end accident damage, Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban 203 (PO53 OBP) is away for repair, refurbishment and repaint at Read Commercials, Oswaldtwistle. 

June 2015

12/06/2015 Volvo Olympians to be replaced by Volvo B7TLs

The Volvo Olympian fleet is set to be replaced by 10 Volvo B7TL buses with Wright Eclipse Gemini buses previously with Arriva London. The first will enter service from the start of the new school year - converted from dual to single door, refurbished and repainted. The fleet additions will be numbered 115-124 as follows:

Fleet No Registration
115 LF52UTL
116 LF52UTM
117 LF52USM
118 LF52USN
119 LF52USO
120 LF52USS
121 LF52UST
122 LF52USW
123 LF52USX
124 LF52USY


12/06/2015 Training bus 400 repainted in a new Rosso style training livery 

Optare Excel2 Training bus 400 (FD02 FSJ) has been repainted in a new Rosso-style training livery.



May 2015

29/05/2015 Bus 143 repainted in a special blue version of the Rosso livery 

In connection with a sponsorship deal with Bury FC in that season ticket holders will be able to buy a network-wide "Shaker Saver" ticket at a discounted rate, Dennis Dart 143 (PN52 WWK) has been outshopped in a blue version of the Rosso livery. Decals relating to Bury FC will be added soon.

Rosso 143 PN52WWK

April 2015

26/04/2015 Bus 204 repainted in a special scheme 

In commemoration of 100 years since the Gallipoli conflict where the Lancashire fusiliers won "6 VC's before breakfast" Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse Urban 204 (PO53 OBR) has been painted in a special version of the Rosso livery in the regismental colours of The Lancashire Fusiliers. The bus has also been fully refurbished throughout with new seating, floor and handpoles.

The bus has been named "Lt. Col. John Elisha Grimshaw VC," one of the Victoria Cross winners, five other buses are to be named after the other VC winners.

Rosso 204 PO53 OBR Rosso 204 PO53OBR - Lt. Col. John Elisha Grimshaw VC


Rosso 204 PO53OBR - Lt. Col. John Elisha Grimshaw VC  Rosso 204 Gallipoli 100


02/04/2015 Bus 139 repainted

Dennis Dart 139 (PF51 KMV) has been repainted out of the intermediate all-red livery into the full Rosso colour scheme.

Rossendale Transport - Fleet No. 139   Rosso 139

March 2015

01/03/2015 Bus 223 refurbished

Scania L94 / Wright Solar 223 (YN05 GXU) has become the first in the fleet to receive a full refurbishment including replacing all seats, being retrimmed in a new red moquette and new cream handpoles. More interior branding will follow. The bus has also been repainted from the older Rossendalebus livery into the Rosso colour scheme.

Rosso 223 latest repaint  Rosso 223

September 2014

14/09/2014 Bus 245 used in Bus Driver of the Year

Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse Urban 245 (YN07PCY) was used for the national finals of the Bus Driver of the Year competition, based at the Hilton Hotel in Blackpool. At the event, the bus was awarded the "Best Presented Bus" award, joint with a six-month old Arriva vehicle.

ROSSO Volvo (No 245) Bus Driver of the year award @ Blackpool 14.09.2014

July 2014

28/07/2014 Eleven vehicles withdrawn, Olympians delicensed for the summer

Darts 163-164 (X463-6 UKS) 326 (T86 JBA) 332-4 (X132-4 JCW) MANs 258-260 (CU04 AMX, AOP & AUV) are withdrawn. 

As usual, all Volvo Olympians (fleetnumbers 19-31) are delicensed for the summer school holiday period.

01/07/2014 331 replaced by 326

331 (X131 JCW) has been withdrawn from service, following engine problems and 326 (T26 JBA) has been reinstated from the reserve fleet in its place.

Additional vehicles for September

A further four Volvo B7TL's with Transbus President bodies have been acquired, these are 111-114 (LK03 NJJ / NJN / NJZ & NKA) and will be in the operational fleet by September 2014.


These buses have previously been operated in London by First & GoAhead and are being supplied by Ensignbus who will also be arranging for them to be converted to single door layout and repainted into Rosso livery at Mardens in Benfleet before delivery.

February 2014

14/02/2014 - 241-244 arrive at Haslingden

The first four of the Volvo B7RLE fleet additions have arrived at Haslingden depot, painted fully in Rosso livery.

11/02/2014 - 230 in Rosso livery

230 (YN06 NXZ) is now in Rosso livery, having had a partial repaint to change its all-over red livery into the full Rosso scheme.

Rossendale Transport 230 YN06NXZ at Bus & Coach World in Blackburn.


07/02/2014 - 169 in Rosso livery

169 (HV52 WSL) is now in Rosso livery having had a partial repaint to change its experimental red and grey livery to the full Rosso red and off-white scheme with yellow and orange stripes. This work was carried out at Bus & Coach World, Blackburn.


January 2014

31/01/2014 - 331 in Rosso livery

331 (X131 JCW) has returned from Bus & Coach World repainted in Rosso livery and now has an accessibility certificate, having had minor work done to ensure it meets DDA requirements.

Rosso 331 X133JCW by tyskieman


30/01/2014 - Additional Volvo B7RLEs

Nine additional Wright Eclipse Urban bodied Volvo B7RLEs have been acquired, which will become fleet numbers 241–249 and are registered YJ07 OZU, PBO/V/Y, PCO/U/X, PDK/O. These were previously with Transdev, mainly at Blackburn. The first four are currently being repainted into Rosso livery at Bus & Coach World.


24/01/2014 - 137 repainted in Rosso livery

Following some accident damage, 137 (PF51 KMO) has been repainted into Rosso livery at Bus  Coach World, Blackburn.

Rosso 137 PF51KMO by tyskieman


December 2013

324 withdrawn

Dennis Dart / Plaxton SPD 324 (T84 JBA) is currently withdrawn.


November 2013

What if? - 35 years ago

What if the "Rosso" brand name had existed in 1978 when the first Leyland Atlantean's were delivered?

Maybe the "Rosso" livery could have been introduced by Roger Bowker in 1982?

EwoodEddie1968 on Flickr has mocked up an Atlantean in the new livery. We think it would have looked pretty good......

rosso atlantean

Rosso Atlantean by EwoodEddie1968 on Flickr

Fleet Update - November 2013

Following accident repairs, Plaxton SPD 325 (T85 JBA) has re-entered service in the next few weeks and is currently being repaired at Read Motor Bodies, Oswaldtwistle.


October 2013

Fleet Update - October 2013

As detailed in the previous post, 3 additional Volvo B7TL / Plaxton Presidents 108110 are to be added to the fleet in the next couple of weeks.

Dennis Dart / Plaxton SPD 315 (S115 KRN) has been withdrawn and has begun to be canibalised for spares.

3 Optare Solos, likely to be fleet numbers 49, 62 & 63 (YJ54 BUW, YJ05 JWN/O)  are to be withdrawn soon along with two additional Darts, likely to be from the S***KRN batch, fleet numbers 314323.


Additional Volvo B7TLs to join the fleet

Three additional Volvo B7TL's are due to enter the fleet in the next couple of weeks in the form of 108110 (LK51 XGE/J/O).

These are identical to 103107 added in August, with Plaxton President bodies, ex-Metroline, supplied via Ensignbus. As per 103107 these vehicles have been converted to single door by Ensignbus and will be DDA compliant.

Photos of 108110 at the Painshop at Marden's in Benfleet, courtesy of Gricerman on Flickr:

108 at Marden's Benfleet - Gricerman on Flickr
109 at Marden's, Benfleet - Gricerman on Flickr
110 at Marden's, Benfleet - Gricerman on Flickr

September 2013

02/09/2013 - Rosso fleet hits the road

The Rosso fleet has taken to he road today with all Volvo B7TL/Plaxton Presidents and the recently acquired ex-Reading Scania/Wrightbus Solars (except 236) entering service.

They were joined by Volvo B7TL/East Lancs Vykings 100 & 101 which have now also been repainted in the new Rosso livery style, albeit awaiting Fleetnames and full vinyls.

July 2013

30/07/2013 - Scanias 231, 234 & 235 arrive

Scania/Wright Solars 231, 234 & 235 arrived this evening, fresh from the paintshop in the new Rosso livery. These buses were previously with Reading Buses.

Photos by Tyskieman, under Creative Commons

Rosso 231
Rosso 231
Rosso 234
Rosso 234
Rosso 235
Rosso 235


Rosso 235
Rosso 235


10/07/2013 - Pictures of new Volvo B7TLs 106107 at Marden's Paintshop, Benfleet

Photos by Gricerman, under creative commons