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Changes to our buses from 29 January 2018

published: Monday, January 22 2018

We're making changes to times on some of our buses from 29 January 2018. Most of these changes are small tweaks to our timetables to help improve reliability for you, but there's also improved links between Rossendale and Todmorden, extra buses for Bury and Rochdale, and more! 


Don't forget, we're now part of the Transdev family, which means that your day, weekly and season passes can now take you further than ever before. You can now use your Rosso Rover on the Witchway between Rawtenstall and Burnley, and on Red Express between Haslingden and Accrington, plus Transdev's full range of tickets and passes on Rosso buses.


But that's not all. Download our handy new app, Transdev Go, where you can buy tickets for use on our buses - and coming soon, you'll be able to plan your journey and check live departures from every stop! Simply search 'Transdev Go' on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Here's what you need to know about the changes from 29 January. Just so you know, these are changes which were planned since before we joined the Transdev family.


465 & 466 Rawtenstall - Waterfoot - Bacup - Todmorden

We've listened to your feedback, and we're delighted to let you know that from 29 January, we're launching an exciting new link between Rossendale and Todmorden.

The 465 & 466 will link Rawtenstall with Waterfoot, Bacup and Todmorden, 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday.



467 / 468

467 & 468 Bury - Fairfield - Bamford - Rochdale

The 467 and 468 will combine to bring you a bus every 10 mins between Bury, Fairfield Hospital and Bamford, with buses running every 20 mins from Bamford to Daniel Fold, Cutgate and Rochdale. 

There'll also be two new early morning journeys from Daniel Fold to Rochdale, leaving Daniel Fold at 0624 and 0658 on Monday to Fridays.

We're also making some small tweaks to the timetable during early mornings to help make things more reliable for you.



482 & 483 Bury - Walmersley - Edenfield - Rawtenstall - Burnley or Bacup

We're tweaking the timetable a little during the morning and afternoon rush hours to help improve reliability for you. There'll also be one extra bus each evening, Monday to Saturday, leaving from Rawtenstall to Bury at 2044.




484 Bury - Holcome Brook - Ramsbottom - Haslingden - Accrington / 485 Bury - Walmersley - Ramsbottom

Since we introduced these routes last year, we've been delighted to welcome so many new customers in and around Bury and Ramsbottom. 

However, sadly there haven't been as many people using these buses after 7pm as we'd hoped, so we're making some changes to the timetable during the evenings to reflect your travel patterns. 

The 484 will run every hour between Bury, Holcombe Brook and Ramsbottom, on Monday to Saturday evenings, with the last buses at 2329 from Ramsbottom and 2350 from Bury. 

The last 485 will leave Bury at 1815, but don't worry, you'll still be able to catch the 483 to Walmersley and Rawtenstall all the way up until 2115.

There will be some other minor changes to times during the daytime.



10 Rawtenstall - Newchurch - Waterfoot - Edgeside

As you'll know, badly parked cars have made running buses around Edgeside very difficult for us recently. On Mondays to Fridays, the buses at 1703 and 1803 from Rawtenstall will finish at Waterfoot instead, returning at 1720 and 1820. 

The bus leaving Rawtenstall at 1503 on weekdays will leave 20 mins earlier. The weekday 1520 Edgeside to Rawtenstall bus will no longer run.

We're working with the council to highlight the issues we're facing with badly parked cars. Once we've made some progress, we'll review the situation with these trips and keep you posted. 



244 Rawtenstall - Haslingden - Royal Blackburn Hospital - Blackburn

There will be some small changes to times during the afternoon to help improve reliability around the Royal Blackburn Hospital.

The buses from Rawtenstall to Haslingden at 1425 and 1443 on Mondays to Fridays will no longer be running.




408 Shaw - Royton - Oldham / 412 Oldham - Royton - Middleton

We'll no longer be running these routes from 29 January.  Please see the Transport for Greater Manchester website for details of the new operator. 




435 Rochdale - High Crompton - Shaw - Buckstones

The 435 won't run through to Wren's Nest any longer, with buses finishing instead at Buckstones. There'll also be some changes to the timetable to help improve our reliability for you.


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Trax 467 468 NOT IN SERVICE 465-466
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