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Bus service changes from 23rd July 2017

published: Sunday, July 09 2017

From 23rd July 2017, we'll be making a number of changes to our bus services.

You can view our full timetables or revised network map on our website.

Changes are summarised as follows:

Service 244 : Blackburn - Royal Blackburn Hospital - Belthorn - Grane - Haslingden - Helsmhore - Rawtenstall

New timetables will apply on Monday to Saturdays.

There will be no buses on Sundays: the current Haslingden - Helmshore - Rawtenstall service has not been particularly well used. Alternative options to travel between Helmshore and Haslingden are available using service 484. In order to travel to Rawtenstall from Helmshore, passengers can use service 484 to Edenfield and change onto service 483 or use service 484 to Haslingden and change onto service 464.

Service 463 : Burnley - Weir - Bacup - Pennine Road

An improved timetable will be operated.

Pennine Road will also be served by service 482 running to and from Bury.

Service 464 : Accrington - Haslingden - Rawtenstall - Waterfoot - Bacup - Whitworth - Rochdale

A new timetable will apply on Mondays to Fridays - this will be applicable throughout the summer school holiday period. A further revision will apply from September when the new school academic year starts.

Service 465 : Todmorden - Bacup (-Waterfoot)

This service will not operate during the summer school holiday period. The service will recommence in September when the new school academic year starts, with additional journeys to serve Todmorden High School.

Service 482 : Bacup - Waterfoot - Rawtenstall - Edenfield - Walmersley - Bury

A new timetable will apply.

Service 482 will also serve the Pennine Road area of Bacup, supplementing service 463 running to and from Burnley.

Service 483 : Burnley - Water - Waterfoot - Rawtenstall - Edenfield - Walmersley - Bury

A new timetable will apply.

On Sundays, the frequency will be increased so that buses run half-hourly between Rawtenstall & Bury.

Service 484 : Accrington - Haslingden - Helmshore - Ramsbottom - Brandlesholme - Bury

In response to a number of requests, the route will be revised to operate between Ramsbottom and Bury via Holcombe Brook and Brandlesholme. A new timetable will apply on Mondays to Saturdays, with buses generally every 15 minutes (more at peak times) between Ramsbottom, Brandlesholme and Bury with buses serving Accrington, Haslingden, Helmshore generally half-hourly.

On Monday to Saturday evenings there will be buses generally half-hourly between Bury and Ramsbottom.

On Sundays, buses will run half hourly between Haslingden, Helmshore, Ramsbottom, Brandlesholme and Bury during most of the daytime.

Buses will depart from Stand V at Bury Interchange.

The Ramsbottom - Walmersley - Bury section of current service 484 will be replaced by new service 485.

Service 485 : Ramsbottom - Walmersley - Bury

This new service will operate generally half hourly during the daytime on Mondays to Saturdays, supplemented by services 482, 483 and 487 between Shuttleworth, Walmersley and Bury.

Service 487 : Nangreaves - Walmersley - Bury

A revised timetable will apply

Service 494 : Bury - Fengrove

Buses will depart from stand G at Bury Interchange.


463 the 464 465-466 482 485 487 494
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